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This is the EVIEWS section of the Econometrics Computing Learning Resource.

On this page you can find material that helps you to learn how to use EVIEWS. There are plenty of textbooks available that illustrate the use of EVIEWS and in addition the EVIEWS help function is excellent. For this reason this resource will not go into too much detail.

The Basics

Here are the very basic elements you need to master on your way to become a black belt EVIEWS user.

Loading Data Editing Series Regression
Discussion <br\>Example Data Discussion Discussion

To test the skills learned in the above modules you can attempt to solve the short EVIEWS tutorial below. The data file is identical to that used in the Loading Data Module above.

Tasks <br\> Tutorial Data <br\> Solution Clip 1 [video]<br\> Solution Clip 2 [video]

Customising EVIEWS

Sometimes you will have more complicated projects where you will want to document what you are doing to the data. Further you may want to do so many things, and these repeatedly, that you need to learn how to use the EVIEWS programming language. Here is some initial guidance: guidance .

Econometrics Textbooks that use EVIEWS

  • Kozhan R. (2010) Financial Econometrics with EVIEWS, Free online textbook [1], contains adverts
  • Asteriou D. and Hall S.G. (2007) Applied Econometrics: A Modern Approach Using EVIEWS and Microfit [2]
  • Brooks C. (2008) Introductory Econometrics for Finance, Cambridge. [3]